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“Popular expressions of the people’s faith, while in need of education and purification, are powerful means of evangelization,” says Fr. Rafael Dela Cruz Jr, SDB, SThD, the first speaker in this year’s Ex Corde lecture series.

Fr. Rey will be delivering his presentation, entitled Popular Religiosity, Drama and Theology: A Theological and Pastoral Proposal, tomorrow, September 28, Thursday, at 1:30-3:30 pm at Callisto Caravario, third floor DBCS school building.

In his doctoral disseration, the DBCS President and Dean developed and proposed the Theo-Dula as a theological dramatic approach of doing theology by building on von Balthazar’s Theo-drama and Garcia-Rivera’s Theodramatics. Doing a Theo-Dula of popular religion has become his personal theological commitment and response to the Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conferences challenge of exploring ways of theologizing that tap and make use of local (Filipino) resources.

His talk is open to all, admission is free.

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