The Research Office thanks Michael Nonan for his valuable assistance in the creation of this video.

In this very first Q&A Research video, biblical scholar and professor of Sacred Scripture Fr. Celestino Lingad Jr, SDB, SSL, SThD answers the following question submitted by Rev. Juvelan Samia, SDB:

“In Cardinal Kasper’s book Mercy, he says that the essence of the God who reveals Himself in history is mercy. In Sacred Scripture, God’s compassion and mercy is very clear in the way He deals with man, especially His chosen people. And ultimately in the heart of Jesus Christ, the one who fully reveals God to man, we see that God also has a heart. How then can we reconcile this understanding of God with Thomas Aquinas’ concept of God as ‘Ipsum Esse Subsistens,’ i.e., Subsistent Being Itself – one who is utterly and infinitely transcendent from all creatures? How can the two ways of seeing God go together and be explained in a meaningful way to the people of today, especially on this Jubilee Year of Mercy?”

DBCS Students and others who are interested to ask burning questions on Theology can email their questions to the Research Office: Selected questions will be given to the professor specializing in the field or area involved and can either be answered through video or in writing.

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