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“Jaded Youth”

In this era of point-and-click, swipe-and-tap fingertip convenience, you can readily read it for yourself. “European bishops summit makes appeal to jaded youth” -- so goes the headline (or title) of a news article in the Catholic website Crux, dated March 29, 2017....

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Lectio Divina: Drawing from the Well of God’s Word

From God, to God… the Catechetical Way Entry No. 2
Many years ago, Carmela, a volunteer catechist of our parish, asked me to help her make the Word of God exciting to her students. She believed that if Sacred Scripture is God’s love letter to us, then it must be accessible to all — like a well where we can come often to draw fresh water to quench our thirst. Indeed, she was right!

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Of Exams and the 3 R’s

Bring it on! It’s that time of the year, anyway. And it’s all par for the course. I’m referring (for us here in DBCS) to the final examinations, theological synthesis presentations, thesis defenses, project paper presentations, submission of requirements, and so on....

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Ministry Roots and Fruits

I suppose there are always those ordinary occurrences which happen to a minister (or to anyone, for that matter) in the course of a day, which seem commonplace or trivial at first. But only on second thought, only upon deeper reflection, does one realize that there's...

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