Fr Marty Macasaet

Blogger’s photo: An old one – taken in 2012, to be exact, as the author was preaching the annual spiritual retreat to the Salesians in Hua Hin, Thailand — note the defunct brand of the laptop!

Yes, but I’m telling that to myself, first and foremost. It’s been a while for me — absent, that is, in this Youth Ministry blog of mine. The break was a useful one (to be honest), but at the same time the itch to blog is still there.

I was even tempted at some point to start with a new one, just to give in to the craving. (I already thought of a possible name for it: something like On Retreat Mode, or Up on the Hill — mainly because of my new assignment, see below.) In any case, here we are again — just like good old times.

What happened in the meantime, you might ask? Quite simply, the whole thing got caught in the thicket of my transfer to my new assignment in Batulao. Gone are the days when the dual task of leaving behind one’s old assignment and proceeding to a new one (as given by holy obedience) was swift and simple. In my case — it’s been three fruitful years with our theologian-seminarians in Better Living, Paranaque. Now it’s the retreat and confession ministry in our retreat house in Batangas. (Yes! A welcome change of pace, along with the whiff of cool, fresh air.) However, the settling down, adjustments, familiarization, etc. have taken a bit of time for me.

But I still go down to Better Living once a week, to continue my youth ministry teaching to our fourth-year theologians. So, a big part of my old assignment is still very much there. Not to mention: continuing to serve and contribute to our DBCS Research, Development and Communications Office (blogging right here, for one).

And so we’ll simply pick up from where we left off . . . and here’s looking forward to more youth ministry teaching and research adventures!

MartYM or Fr. Martin Macasaet, SDB, SThD is a professor of Youth Ministry. He received his Doctorate in Sacred Theology from the Salesian Pontifical University in Rome.

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