Three-in-One: Frigate, Time Machine and Rocket Ship

I recently downloaded an e-book that definitely brought about in me a surge of memories. You know, it was one of those Christmases of my childhood . . . . I must have been Grade Five or Six back then. And since Christmas is equated with gifts, it was the first time for me to receive books — yes, books (in a marked departure from toys, cash, clothes, and candies) — as a gift from my mother.

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Birdshot: Worth the Effort

“Good things come to those who wait,” as the popular saying goes. But I add — better things come to those who go all the way to seek! It’s about the movie Birdshot. While it’s really Respeto I have been wanting to watch all this time (and up to now I haven’t succeeded yet), I couldn’t pass up this rare chance to watch this entry of our country to the forthcoming Oscars, for Best Foreign Language Movie. In any case, the reason why I’m interested in both films is that they both have thematic connections with youth.

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The Price of the Drug War

Part 2

That thought-provoking quote from Arrival leads me to link it with the war against drugs, which the current Philippine administration is waging in our nation. Yes, it’s an all-out, dirty war. There’s a death toll, of course, not to mention the accompanying fear, distress, and suffering. In all these, young people have been among those severely affected — in the price being paid.

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From the Movie Arrival: Wars, Winners and Widows

The Price of the Drug War — Part 1

I had my second viewing of the remarkable 2016 sci-fi movie Arrival. That was recently, when I used it as a “reflection trigger” for a semi-directed retreat I gave for an engaged couple preparing for their wedding day. I noted the nuances of the film with more intensity this time, with its many layers opening up for analysis, reflection, and interpretation.

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No Time to Waste, and We Just Can’t Wait

Once again I sit multitasking at my office desk. Which necessarily includes going over my FB News Feed, even just in the “background.” But suddenly, I am completely stalled. No, not again — I think to myself. I am stopped and stuck in my tracks, in a state of shock, sadness, and anger. Another teenager has been killed. I don’t even need to go to further details…

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Images of a Good Shepherd

The accompanying photo for this blog post is that of a wood carving depicting the Good Shepherd. I received it as a souvenir, back in 2008 during our congregation’s 26th General Chapter in Rome. It’s actually from the Holy Land, carved out of olive wood. However (from the aesthetic point of view), it didn’t really strike me then. In fact, even until now. Nevertheless, for some strange reason, I still keep this wood carving with me.

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Of Mentors and Students (Silence, and My Own Struggles – conclusion)

Here’s my take on Silence using the youth ministry lens: It strikes me that the young Jesuit priests Rodrigues (portrayed by Andrew Garfield) and Garupe (Adam Driver) were both students of Ferreira (Liam Neeson). Their determination to go and search for him, despite the threat of persecution and death (shown in the introductory scenes when the two were discussing plans with their superior), and then the crucial, face-to-face confrontation between Rodrigues and Ferreira later, were two pivotal and potent moments.

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